Take3Tech Adds AI to TheRuleTool™ to Expedite
The Mortgage Loan Process and Reduce The Cost To Manufacture a Loan.

Denver, CO – Take Three Technologies© (Take3Tech), a boutique provider of innovative technology solutions for the mortgage industry, announced today that they have added Artificial Intelligence (AI) to their product TheRuleTool™ to expedite questions usually sent to the help desk or underwriting. The integration of AI technology is designed to expedite the mortgage loan process and reduce the overall cost for mortgage companies to manufacture a loan.

TheRuleTool™ is a powerful software that easily provides Loan Officers agency and investor overlay information during the process of originating, processing, and underwriting a home loan while also identifying issues that could arise with selling loans to investors. The AI integration will further enhance the software’s capabilities by providing a more efficient way to handle the high volume of questions and inquiries typically sent to the help desk or underwriting departments. With the new AI feature, TheRuleTool™ can provide answers to Loan Officers 24/4 365, via text message or logging directly into http://www.theruletol.com. 

President of Take3Tech, Brad Thompson said “The integration of AI technology into TheRuleTool™ is a game-changer for the mortgage industry. Our goal is to provide companies with the tools they need to expedite the mortgage loan process and reduce costs. By adding AI to TheRuleTool™, we are providing our clients with an innovative solution that will help them stay ahead of the competition.”

The TheRuleTool™ 2.0 offers a range of benefits, including:

     Reduced turnaround time: The AI technology can process inquiries quickly and provide answers on agency and investor overlay guidelines in real-time, significantly reducing the time and cost an underwriting department takes to respond.

     Cost savings: By allowing 24/7 access to rules and guidelines, inquiries can be answered instantly. TheRuleTool™ can help reduce staffing costs, lower application resubmissions, and minimize the need for manual reviews by high-cost underwriters.

     Improved accuracy: The AI technology used in TheRuleTool™ learns from information provided by tenured underwriters, leading to fewer errors and a more efficient underwriting process.

 Take3Tech is committed to helping its clients stay ahead of the curve by providing innovative, and reliable technology solutions, backed by the mortgage industry. With the integration of AI into TheRuleTool™, they are helping mortgage companies expedite the loan process and reduce costs, ultimately leading to a better customer experience.

 About Take3Tech:
Take3Tech is a technology company that provides innovative solutions to the mortgage industry, Including TheRuleTool™ and LoanMAPS®, a fully integrated lending solution including a POS, LOS, and CRM. With a team of experts who are dedicated to helping mortgage companies streamline their processes, Take3Tech offers cutting-edge technology solutions that lower the overall cost to manufacture mortgage loans.

.For more information on Take3Tech and TheRuleTool™, visit www.take3tech.com.

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