LoanMAPS is a cloud-based platform designed for Loan Officers to streamline originations, decrease compliance issues, and reduce the overall costs to produce a mortgage – All while increasing borrower satisfaction.


How Can the LoanMAPS CRM Empower You Today?

Our CRM features Augie – your AI assistant. Every minute of every day, Augie works to keep you in flow with your clients and referral partners. Plus, with predictive analytics, you’re always one step ahead of your competition.


With the Scoreboard, you can easily monitor your business goals and tasks to achieve them.


Create your own custom marketing flyers for open houses and marketing campaigns using the Flyers feature in the CRM which will streamline your marketing efforts.


Always have your client’s contact info at your fingertips! The LoanMAPS CRM will automatically update your client files as their loans are processed, saving you time and human capital inefficiencies.

Activities and Alerts

Easily set business activities and alerts to remind you and your business partners to contact clients and referral partners for birthdays, anniversaries, and general check-ins.

Built-in Marketing Strategies

LoanMAPS has built-in mortgage marketing methodologies and strategies to help you stay in flow with your customers and generate more business.

AUGIE Works Your CRM

Augie is special – not only will it keep your contacts organized and updated, but it will also improve your business.

“Mortgage Review” module that includes:

    1. Home Equity Alternative calculator
    2. Rent vs Own
    3. Debt Consolation calculator
    4. Cost of waiting calculator

             US Mortgage Rate History
             US Rent History for Primary Residence
             US Home Values


  • Buydown compare module (Permanent or temporary)
  • Creates sales activity list based on loan movement and client data (Birthday, Annual Reviews, etc)
  • Module that runs today’s mortgage rates against your portfolio
  • Provides Predictive Analytics that are based on your loan portfolio
  • Built-in Sales and Production reports along with an ad hoc reporting engine
  • Mobile Friendly

The landing page of the LoanMAPS mobile app shows contacts, activities, and the loan origination portal.

Our POS includes everything borrowers expect when procuring a modern mortgage.

Meanwhile, Augie is there to assist with all your processing needs, lowering your cost to produce. How much can you save per loan?

Augie can process & close your loans.​

Reduce the time and cost of processing with Augie! this is done through; Automation, notifications, and step-by-step instructions.

Our LOS was designed to ensure you and your team are not only up-to-date on the file – but also that you remain in compliance.

With our single sign-on lights-out environment, navigating through loans has never been easier.

How Can LoanMAPS Enhance Your Business Today?

LoanMAPS is a cloud-based loan origination platform developed by Tak3Tech. With LoanMAPS, you can replace your current LOS, CRM, and POS with one easy-to-use solution that covers all of your mortgage banking technology needs, in one database. From client management and origination to processing and closing, LoanMAPS is here for you with easy implementation and training at your fingertips. Reduce your cost to close and increase your productivity with LoanMAPS today.

  • Tracks RESPA, TRID, and Reg B
  • SLA Report
    • FTE to Units
    • Application to Approved to Close
    • Application to Funded
  • Loan in Process real estate contract date tracking
  • Training Module for Processors and Underwriters
  • Fully integrated e-closing platforms

  • LoanMAPS empowers you to move a loan from consultation/application directly to submission to underwriting! WOW your borrowers by:
    1. Giving agency approval only subject to title review during consultation/application
    2. Or giving credit approval only subject to appraisal, contract, and title during consultation/application
    3. Or having credit underwritten during consultation/application and providing agency approval with specific conditions
  • Think of the time you will save not having to go the traditional processing route on every file!
  • Ever have a delay due to a TRID rule? LoanMAPS assures you are on top of the TRID rules. LoanMAPS organizes data so you are always aware of compliance due dates, COC requirements, and more!
  • LoanMAPS manages your data so you don’t have to! No more import and export of data. One clean database that is kept current from lead to funding and beyond. The built-in CRM will tell you who your top referral partners are, and can sort through and identify customers based on rates, programs, and more.
  • LoanMAPS organizes data and will tee up anniversary calls, birthdays, and 6-month FORD calls. You can complete your sales activities using your desktop and Mobile APP. We also organize your data so you are aware of contract dates that are due. And gives you a report so you can see what sales activities were completed!
  • And best of all, if you know the loan application, you will know LoanMAPS!





Additional Features

Team Contact Info

Product & Pricing Engine (PPE)

Auto-Input Leads

Principal Reduction

Personalized Mobile App

Borrower Portal

Agency Compliant Loans

Custom Reports

Escrow Holdbacks

Training & Tutorials

Document Management

Digital Alt-Docs

Automated Campaigns

Document Tracker

Updates & Notifications

Loan Comparison

Processing Worksheet

Marketing Activities

HMDA Reports

Single Sign-On

Pre-Approval Letters

Pipeline Report

Report Cards

NMLS Call Reports

Cloud Based

Loan Progress Updates

Program Compare



Lights Out Environment

Amortization Schedule


Industry Coaching Tools


Software Updates

Customized Messages


Borrower Refi. Notifications


Custom Integration

Activity Log

TRID Alerts

Sales Activity Tracker


Professional Installation


OCR Technology

Live CRM


Safe & Secure


D1 Certainty



API Integration


Industry Integrations





Interactive 1003





Tasking (Team Management)





E-Closing (Coming Soon)




Our Integration Partners


"LoanMAPS CRM helps me connect with clients, prospects, and business partners; while the mobile app allows me to stay in touch on the go. Additionally, the marketing platform insures I don't miss any birthdays, loan anniversaries, or business opportunities."
Erika Dragich
MegaStar Financial Corp. Blaine

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AI Augie (robotic dog) is depicted on the home screen in the LoanMAPS system. With an orange ribbon wrapped around Augie.

What can Augie do for you?

  • Set your desired follow-ups
  • Provide daily log of key activities
  • Assign tasks to your team
  • Sync your calendars
  • Remind you of Sales Activities

Other Features:

  • User-Friendly
  • Serves as an A.I. Assistant
  • Ability to categorize contacts
  • Log notes

POS Features:

  • Borrower portal – where borrowers can see loan progress and upload documents
  • Ability to run du/LP with a single login
  • Built-in imaging system to automatically autosave important documents
  • pull credit without leaving your POS
  • Digital validation of income and assets
  • Automated needs list for processing – keeping you and your team on track

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  • This ebook will change everything you ever thought about relationships and attachment.

  • Find the secret to connecting better and faster

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